Thursday, 10 June 2010

The London Graduate School

No doubt you will have followed the campaign to save Middlesex philosophy, which has galvanised an international community of scholars and thinkers. With yesterday's announcement of the transfer of Middlesex's Centre of Research in Modern European Philosophy to Kingston University, the struggle to preserve a future for critical thought in London (something all of us have been engaged in, in different ways), and indeed beyond, now enters a new phase. The imminent launch of a London Graduate School, devoted to renewing the intellectual project of the University, fostering a new spirit of the public sphere, and inspiring new forms of intellectual and cultural practice, is to be accompanied by an inaugural lecture given by Gayatri Spivak in the Large Common Room at 6-8pm 21st June at Goodenough College, London. This will provide the opportunity, we hope, to bring together or at least make possible something like an Estates General in London.

As co-directors of this new initiative, Martin McQuillan and Simon Morgan Wortham would like to invite you to this event. All welcome.