Wednesday, 24 March 2010


C/C is an English-speaking international journal of Lacanian psychoanalysis designed to bridge the gap between cultural and clinical elaborations by generating a dialogue between practitioners and the University.

Jacques-Alain Miller and Maire Jaanus, joint editors-in-chief for Culture/Clinic have decided on the two first themes for the launch of C/C in 2011 by Minnesota UP:

1) "All Mad"

In his last teaching Lacan reaches the conclusion that we are all delusional. So we are all mad. In his own teaching Miller suggested the expression 'a universal clinic of delusion'. At the time of the desperate search for mental health as key both to happiness and social order, psychoanalysis rather sees madness as the distinctive sign of speaking beings. It is thus inscribed more in the humanist lineage of Erasmus than in the classification in boxes of the DSM V. Yet the psychoanalytic clinic recognises the import of clinical categories and has made advances in generating models for these categories.

2) "Governing by numbers"

Governing is an impossible profession, said Freud. So is psychoanalysis. But it does not prevent us from either analyzing or governing, quite the contrary. This issue will broach the question through the clinic of discourses developed by Lacan from Seminar XVII onwards. The question of the development of the incidences of science on the discourse of the Master has transformed politics and practices of government. Is the Empire of the number taking over from that of the signifier? In which ways? And with what effects?

The Editors of C/C invite you to send your contributions on either one of these themes by July 15 2010. We are aware of the short time allowed for these first contributions but we would like to get the Journal off the ground as rapidly as we can. Texts should be between 5000 and 8 000 words, preferably in English (but can be sent in French too) at the following email address:

Please circulate this call for papers to anyone you think would be interested in contributing, or relevant mailing lists.
Suggestions or inquiries can be addressed to

Marie-Hélène Brousse, Managing Editor, C/C
Véronique Voruz, Coordinating Editor, C/C